Purpose of SSBK

SSBK has taken the service motto in the following areas :-


• Personality Development programs through Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas
• Construction of Community hall for poor people to perform functions
• Conduct mass marriages for the poor in the backward areas
Conduct Kriya Yoga and Personality Development camps in prisons to improve their quality of thought (Self Transformation)
• Grant scholarships to scholars and students
• Free homeopathy medical services (free advice and medicines as available) given to all people
• Spreading awareness about Better Health through Mudra Therapy
• Teaching the Scientific benefits of Vishnu Sahasranama
• Awareness creation about Dharma, Culture and Better personality for School and College Students
• Preaching Om Narayana Kriya – it’s a rare knowledge originated from Lord Parashuram
• Assist in the reconstruction of dilapidated temples