Old Age Home

Free Old Age Home


For the old and the needy SSBK is looking at coming up with a Free Old Age home nearby Kadari, Andhra Pradesh. Old people need love and care, the youngsters or children of the present generation have been missing in rendering this to their old parents, hence the love and affection for the older generation is being missed. As a shelter for the old and needy to render love and affection to them SSBK is planning for a old age home in a proposed area of 44,000 sqft.

Here the residents who are enrolled will not only be given shelter but also will be thought about how to make themselves stronger both by mind and soul. SSBK as a Spiritual institution will be supporting the residents with the teachings at our old age homes.

SSBK invites contributions in cash or kind (help with the construction and maintenance) of old age home from Individuals or Institutions or Corporate Houses.

The sketch and details of the old age home will be published at the earliest.