Om Narayan Kriya

Om Narayan Kriya

Sri Guruji has also started 'Om Narayan Kriya', which is the most divine kriya where only very few have kept in practice. This can root out many dangerous diseases and it can even help the person to build a good personality. The practice of this kriya will change the persons attitude, behavior and way of living. This can even remove the physical and mental stress and strain from the human body and also enhances peace. 

What is Narayan Kriya?

It is a 'Scientific method of self-realization'. Scientific, because it can be practiced by anyone and if properly done, everyone will achieve the exactly same results: God-union and self-realization.
Om Naryan Kriya is combination of 5 important techniques:
Om Narayan Kriya = Asana + Pranayama (life force control) + Mudra + Sound (Mantra) + Meditation.

The main advantages of this kriya:
   1. Spiritually enlighten the human beings
   2. Scientifically cures certain diseases
3. It purifies or removes all negative vibrations in the Vastu
4. Improves personality development

Asana:     Make body structure perfect. From this we can cure 25% of diseases.

Pranayama:     Magnetize the spine and direct life-force to the brain with the effect to refine the brain and nervous system. From pranayama we can cure 25% of deceases.Energy and Awareness are the two sides of the same coin which is the basis of the whole universe. When all matter is destroyed, energy is what remains. Energy is the original form of all matter. Awareness is the other original since no dead matter nor life-less energy could have produced Awareness, as the materialists and atheists have us believe, unless Awareness was already inherent.

Mudra:     The mudras are added to gain even more control over the flow of energy, by mudra we can cure 25% of deceases.
Sound (Mantra):     Purifies the body which means balance the negative and the positive currents of this energy .From Mantra we can cure our 25% of deceases.

Meditation:      Removes physical , mental stress and strain also improves health, cleans and purify the mind.

Scientific benefits:
In the first stage of this kriya, improves our health by invigorating the first chakra and elimination. It promotes calmness and disease resistance. The third chakra, endurance, and nerve strength are stimulated by second stage. 
Second stage, strengthens the heart and increases circulation above the diaphragm. Three repetitions of this kriya is a very effective practice. 
Its effects are numerous. Om narayan Kriya strengthens the entire sexual system and stimulates its natural flow of energy. This relaxes phobias about sexuality. It allows you to control the insistent sexual impulse by re channelizing sexual energy to creative and healing activities in the body.
As per our research, this kriya cured following diseases 
1. Appendicitis
2. Asthma
3. Allergies (All kinds)
4. Bronchitis
5. Brain Tumor
6. Back pain
7. Chest pain and Breast pain
8. Ear, Nose and Eye problems
9. Heart attack
10. Impotence
11. Kidney related problems
12. Liver disease
13. Mouth pain, mouth ulcer
14. Neck pain
Stomach Ulcers
Tonsils and adenoids
We can prevent aids
Improves memory power and concentration