About SSBK

About SSBK

Sri Shirdi Sai Biksha Kendra ® (SSBK) was established by Sri Guruji Lakshmi Srinivas who is popularly called Sri Guruji. Sri Shirdi Sai Biksha Kendra ® (SSBK) is a non-profit, spiritual, and social service center which was established by the Grace of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba on 30th March 2004 on the auspicious day of Sri Rama Navami at Bangalore. SSBK has its presence in all major locations across Karnataka and surrounding states. SSBK has continuously conducting social and spiritual activities for the betterment of mankind. Sri Guruji desires that an SSBK center is setup at different locations all over the world to render service to mankind. The objective of the organization is to spread Sanatana Culture (Dharma), educating the society through proper samskara (culture) thereby preventing corruption, drug addiction and ongoing crimes in the society, Creating awareness about the true Indian culture which portrays respect to elders, respect to the society, respect to all religions & dharma and respect to all human beings and animals. SSBK follows Naatha Sampradaya (Dattatreya Sampradaya) since its inception.

Mission of SSBK:

Peace for Life

We all possess everything we need to lead a happy life. The only thing we all lack is peace. SSBK will guide you to achieve peace to lead a better life.

Price for Life

We have the ability to put a price tag for any products and services but are unable to put a price for our own lives. SSBK will help you estimate the price for your own life by the path of spirituality.

Once we achieve Peace for Life and are able to estimate the Price for Life, we become a divine soul. SSBK helps and provide everybody an opportunity to achieve this mission through selfless GoSeva (Service to Cows), GuruSeva (Serving the Guru) & SamajaSeva (Service to Society). This frame of mind to work without personal gain and surrendering the fruits of our action to God is called Karma Yoga.

Objective of SSBK:

The world is suffering from the evil activities of Kali and Maaya. Youngsters are being misguided to step onto the wrong path. Dharma (Life Procedure) has been gifted to us by our sages from the ancient times. The present modern materialistic life is modifying human beings to be selfish, bureaucratic and possess uncultured behavior. Therefore, the purpose of SSBK is to enable people get awareness towards Religion, State and Nation.

SSBK endeavors to put youngsters on the path to righteousness and helps them to achieve positive attitude towards Life, treading on the path of Sanatana Dharma based on Baba's philosophy which is from Datta Parampara (Siddha Paddhati).