Panduranga Temple

Sri Panduranga Rukmini Temple located at Malleswaram which is more than a century old and has been fulfilling the desires of all devotees.

Since the temple is more than a century old, it requires a complete renovation. This consists of Gopuram, Garbha gudi, Meditation Hall and Annadana Hall. Also the idol of Swamy Samartha will be installed making it the first temple in entire Karnataka.


Datta Dham is an ashram which is a sprawling 8 acre piece of land that was inhabited by the Pandavas during their exile and sages like Gargeshwara Muni who did their penance here. Datta Dhama is located at Gargeshwarapura, Gudemaarenahalli, Magadi Taluk, Ramanagara District, Karnataka, India. Since this land was inhabited by the Pandavas and sages, Datta Dham exudes an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and spiritual bliss. Sri Guruji desires to construct an Old-Age Home, Orphanage, Training & Research Center, Meditation & Drugless Therapy Center at Datta Dham in the days to come. Work to realise Sri Guruji's dream is currently in progress. A fully functional cowshed (Gou-shaala) with cows and required equipment is available at Datta Dham. Taking Sri Guruji's gracious advice, many people have been rendering different kinds of service to all the cows (Gou-Seva) to get rid of their problems & illness with great results and success.

Free Old Age Home

For the old and the needy SSBK is looking at coming up with a Free Old Age home nearby Kadari, Andhra Pradesh. Old people need love and care, the youngsters or children of the present generation have been missing in rendering this to their old parents, hence the love and affection for the older generation is being missed. As a shelter for the old and needy to render love and affection to them SSBK is planning for a old age home in a proposed area of 44,000 sqft.

Here the residents who are enrolled will not only be given shelter but also will be thought about how to make themselves stronger both by mind and soul. SSBK as a Spiritual institution will be supporting the residents with the teachings at our old age homes.

SSBK invites contributions in cash or kind (help with the construction and maintenance) of the old age home from Individuals or Institutions or Corporate Houses.

Free Orphanage

SSBK as a non-profit organization has been working in Spiritual, Social and Cultural areas; We have proposed to construct a Free Orphanage for Children in Mysore close to the Airport.

The main aim of this orphanage is to play a leading and effective role for the orphans in the battle against starvation, illiteracy and exploitation from the society and making a child a better future subject. Our organizations main aim talks about Peace for Life Price for Life and we believe in offering the same to the children who will be residing in our orphanage. The children will be provided with :–

  • Adequate nutrition
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Love, care and guidance in a family orientated atmosphere

SSBK invites contributions in cash or kind (help with the construction and maintenance) of old age home from Individuals or Institutions or Corporate Houses.


  • Free Academic Tuitions for students
  • Free Medical Camps
  • Free distribution of Homeopathy medicines
  • Teaching the scientific benefits of Vishnu Sahasranama
  • Drugless Medication through Mudra (Physiotherapy), Mantra (Sound Therapy), Yantra (Technology) & Tantra (Technique).

Upcoming Services and activities

  • Datta Sai Mandir construction.
  • Kriya Yoga camps in prisons, schools, colleges and rehabilitation centers to purify thought process and undergo Self Transformation.
  • Personality Development programs through Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas
  • Reconstruction of dilapidated temples
  • Mass marriage ceremonies for the poor
  • Community hall for the poor
  • Construction of Datta Dham, Bangalore – An International Training and Research Center comprising of:
    • Old Age Home
    • Orphanage
    • Meditation & Therapy center
    • Natural Rock Caves – Research and Healing rooms.
    • Go-Shaala